Application for Documentary Film on Men

Thank you so much for your participation. To apply to be in the film, you can click on this link and complete the bio-questionnaire: Bio-Questionnaire

Note: You won't be able to access the questionanaire on July 3rd due to system maintenance.

General Film Information

  • The purpose of the film is to open up a conversation about men and masculinity, who they really are today and what they aspire to be tomorrow.

  • Topics might include happiness, hopes, dreams, spirituality, racism, current events, politics, relationships, parenting, success, what it means to be a man, violence and more. These are tailored to each interviewee based on their bio-questionnaire information

  • We do them through Zoom, so you will need a quiet place and a phone/computer where you can be seen on the video/audio.

  • The videos tend to run about 2 hours. 

  • They are completed in English. If you don’t speak English but have someone can translate for you during the film session, then we could still do it.

  • If you are selected we will find a time that works for us and you to do the filming. 

  • We expect to complete the filming in the next few months.

  • You do not need to have special clothes, be in a certain industry, be a certain race/gender/sexual/religion/socio-economic background, etc. We want men from all walks of life and all countries on the planet.

  • Men are participating because they believe in the purpose of the project and they want their country represented in the film.

  • The men who have done this seemed to enjoy it (we sure did) and many of them referred others. So we think you will be glad you participated.