Final Steps for Documentary Film Interview

These steps are to be completed once you have completed the Bio-Questionnaire and you have been notified that you were selected. Thank you so much for your participation. This page is provides you with the final steps needed in order to set up the interview. 

  1. Download the release form from this link: Release Form 

  2. Print out the form. Note: We've tried to make this form as short as we can and minimize the legal language - but you just can't avoid it these days. We encourage you to have an attorney review it. If you are under age 18, then your parent needs to complete the release form on your behalf.

  3. Complete the form. 

  4. E-mail it to us at

  5. Also e-mail a photocopy of you driver's license, passport or some form of government ID to us.

    • Note: A few guys have had concerns about this, and we totally understand that.  At the bottom of this page we've provided more information about this.

  6. Please send both documents to us at

  7. You can also fax these documents to 1-407-264-6614. If you use this method, also send us an e-mail at and let us know you've faxed us something (we don't check the fax unless we know someone has sent something).

Once we review your materials, we will send you a link where you can book your time slot.

Kind regards

The Film Project Team

Reasons for Needing Driver's License or Government ID

1. To make sure the person is over 18 or their parent has given permission

2. To make sure the address information provided by the person in the online survey is accurate and that they’ve signed their release form with their legal name. (It's surprising how often people write or key something in wrong).

3. Safety for anyone associated with the film. We figure someone like a Ted Buddy will be less likely to try and reach us or another participant, if we know, with relative certainty, who they are from their government ID.

4. If the buyer of the film needed to get in touch with you and couldn't locate you, we would use the ID info to try and help them. We don't intend to give the buyer the IDs, but would use the info to help you connect with them.

GLRivers Productions is owned by Grace Lawson-Rivers. Grace has two LinkedIn profiles. She uses Lawson for her corporate business engagements and Rivers for her more creative endeavors - like this film.



Thank you so much for participating in this and representing your country. All the guys who have done it so far seemed to really enjoy it and we've had several of them refer other men to us. So we think you will be glad you participated.