• Grace Rivers

God, Is that You?

God's Talking To You, Are You Listening?

My truth is in the whisper of the wind, the babble of the brook, the crack of the thunder, the tap of the rain. It is the feel of the earth, the fragrance of the lily, the warmth of the

sun, the pull of the moon. My truth - and your surest help in

time of need - is as awesome as the night sky and as simply,

incontrovertibly, trustful as a baby's gurgle. It is loud as a

pounding heartbeat - as quiet as breath taken in unity with

me. I will not leave you. I cannot leave you, for you are My

creation and My product, My daughter and My son, My

purpose and My . . . Self. Call on me, therefore, wherever

and whenever you are separate from the peace that I am. I

will be there - With Truth - With Light - And Love.

Conversations with God - Book 1 - Neale Donald Walsch

I've been in a bit of a debate with myself for years. I started out as a teacher and then went into regular, corporate business. I was successful working in the corporate world, but for me, something wasn't quite right, something nagged at my soul in the few quiet moments I allowed myself in my life. I didn't really "look" at the nagging sense, spend any time with it. I brushed it off and moved on with the next thing on my to-do list - thinking I'm moving forward with my current path unless God sends me some writing on the wall; a burning bush, per se.

I've realized now, that God is constantly sending us messages and she is waiting for us to hear them. We won't hear them until we really try to do so. However, I do think the messages get louder, more insistent as time goes on, possibly resulting in dramatic events - because God will continue to change our environment, fashioning one that will steer us toward our Grandest Self.

That is why I am here now. I was at a crossroads in my life, not consciously chosen by me and wasn't sure what path I should go down. Then one day I said to myself, has God already sent me the writing on the wall, the burning bush and I missed it. I thought, if I looked at my feelings, the events of my life and that nagging sense, have I been given any consistent messages.

I felt a quiet "knowing" that yes, God had been sending me two clear messages that I should (1) place a heavy focus on my spirituality (2) develop a balanced life that included self-care.

#1, I actually believe I'm supposed to lead something spiritual, I don't know if it's a church or following or what. I never saw myself as a minister, nor could accept any of the current religions out there. However, in preparation for whatever God wants me to do, I've gotten ordained as a minister in Metaphysics, am working toward a Ph.D in Divinity and have developed this website.

For #2, I am focusing on fitness and nutrition. For some reason, when I left the corporate world, my desire for food and liquor seem to leave me. I find myself able to get some regular exercise and about 7 or 8 hours of sleep a night. I've lost some weight as well.

Ponder this and think about your life. Have there been messages you have missed or ignored?