A Crooked Line

There's more than one answer to these questions pointing me in a crooked line. Indigo Girls

At the end of my training as an insurance underwriter years ago, the teacher gave each of us something that reflected what she had learned about us.

For me, she gave me a picture like this one. She said that the straight line was how I wanted and thought underwriting was going to be and that the curvy line was how underwriting really was. The class members thought this was quite amusing.

I think it was because she was absolutely right. I tend to want to move from point A to point B in a direct line. I'm a logical mathematician, for goodness sake. It's the shortest distance, the most efficient.

Or is it?

If you are on a curved surface like the earth and you are traveling a longer distance, then the shortest path is a curve, because you are actually traveling on a sphere. For an object moving through dimensions, it could be a wormhole. So it depends on the journey you are taking.

Finding your spirituality is like that. As physical beings, we arrive on the planet and are given different skills, abilities and exposure to the concept of God in our conscious existence. We then travel together through our lives, learning from each other, experiencing more, growing.

In our soul, however, we know the truth, that the almighty God is real, benevolent, and well, almighty; and that if God created us in her image, then we have those same qualities. Our spiritual journey is the realization that we are destined to manifest our Grandest Self that God created. In our quiet moments, we know this in our soul.

But getting there, the conscious realization or knowing, is different for everyone. We may start out in one religion or leave it and join another, or never join one at all. We may find God in nature, music, art, dance, business, reading or connecting with others. It may feel very chaotic at times. It may be quick for a few, but for many, it may take time. Major spurts often happen in times of adversity, although we can't always feel that at the time. But little-by-little, day-by-day, we come a little closer to the knowing.

So be at peace with where you are. Know that you are right where you should be. Just keep on living and contemplating and exposing yourself to new ideas, experiences and people.