• Grace Rivers

It's Been a Slow Turning

You can learn to live with love or without it. But there ain't no cure. There's just a slow turnin' From the inside out - John Hiatt

If you look at the lyrics John Hiatt's song "Slow Turning," you might think this article is about spirituality and to some degree it is. But it's actually my first post on politics. I know that many spiritual leaders have tried to steer away from politics because it can be so divisive, whereas spirituality tends to try to unite.

I thought I would try to do that too but realize that I cannot, particularly in the current US political climate. For me it's been a slow turning both in politics and in spirituality. I started out attending Methodist and Southern Baptist churches and now have ended up with New Thought beliefs.

I started out as a political moderate - truly in the middle - with slightly-left social views and slightly-right economic views. I would tend to vote by the person, rather than the party. I have moved now, I think, almost completely to the left. So this is an apology, up front, to anyone from the right who is offended by anything I say; and a request for forgiveness in advance.

The big drivers of my political bus taking a left turn were the following experiences:

So you will see, as I write posts, that my bus as taken the road to the left and there is no way I can hide this and be authentic.