• Grace Rivers

Kids in Cages

Are we really in the United States? Am I being punked?

So I get up each day and start to work on various tasks. However, my computer puts out a news update that flashes in the top right corner. I normally try to not watch too much news because it is so negative and makes me sad. But the updates on this immigrant situation are just hard to ignore.

We have children being taken away from their parents and moved to "camps" where they are sleeping on the floor; housed in cages with chain-link fencing, regularly seeing armed-guards and more. Such treatment has kids curled up in balls on the floor and demonstrating other trauma-driven behaviors.

According to CNN, "The Trump administration is releasing its plan for putting back together the thousands of families it separated at the border -- but the reunions won't happen quickly. In a release Saturday night, the Departments of Homeland Security and Health and Human Services said 2,053 children were still in the custody of HHS and awaiting being returned to their parents."

It appears that there was no plan in place for how to reunite these children with their parents. There is some discussion of not having a database that ties the parents and the kids together.

The New York Times indicates that "the cost of holding migrant children who have been separated from their parents in “tent cities” is $775 per person per night — far more expensive than keeping kids with their parents in detention centers, a new report said Wednesday."

Donald Trump, your actions have resulted, not only in a non-human, non-Christian, in-compassionate treatment of kids, but also a situation that is costing your people, the poor-white-class, thousands of dollars every hour - with it's only purpose, I think, to create another frantic situation where you can try to force the Democrats to adopt legislation - in desperate hours - with elements that they would normally not agree to. If they don't adopt it, then you blame the for it.

Let's be very clear on one point - when this happens - when you and the Republicans draft legislation that the Democrats reject - YOU ARE STILL RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS. YOU ARE STILL RESPONSIBLE FOR TAKING KIDS AWAY FROM THEIR PARENTS AND YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR IT UNTIL YOU RESOLVE IT.


We've got poor children in rural and urban environments that could use the money, that you are wasting, to provide food, healthcare and education to them.

The "we don't have a database" is just not an acceptable reason. Donald J. Trump, this should be your single priority until it is solved. You should have all the parents and all the children transported to a single location and you should sit at a table while they are matched up, family by family. I am not the President, but I feel certain I could get them matched up in a few days at most. Surely you can do as well.