• Grace Rivers

If God is Good . . .

We are responsible for our world!

If we truly believe that God is benevolent, then we have to change much of our religious thinking. Most importantly, we have to get rid of the ideal of hellfire and damnation. A benevolent God would not create some of us in a manner where we would go to hell. A benevolent God would not create a hell at all.

The problem with the ideal of heaven and hell is that is a concept created by man and is not from mankind's higher consciousness, nor is it real. It is responsible for much of the violence and fear in this world.

I remember reading a children's book of Christian stories as a kid and feeling a disjoint in them. God was described as good, but then there were the stories of Abraham initially being asked to kill his son, killing almost all of the people in a flood, Job being tested by having lots of terrible things happening to him and many more. God was also said to be angry, jealous and vengeful.

I didn't understand how a good God could do and be any of these negative things; and the truth is, that she didn't

FYI, I use feminine pronouns to God offset years of only seeing God as male. I do believe that God is genderless, but using "It" feels too impersonal for me.

God created us in her image which includes free will. God gave us the ability to choose our actions and create our world. What we see as negative events are created by our collective consciousness or will.

If we don't want negative events, we must change them. To change those events, we must change ourselves. I know the quote, "Be the change that you wish to see in the world." may seem a bit dated because it has been out there a while. However, it is still true.

What we think this phrase means and how we implement it tends to be off-kilter due to our lack of understanding about God. We have to start with love and the first step is loving ourselves. We have a challenge with this because of our view of God. It's hard to love ourselves, if we think we were born with original sin or are inherently bad. This is not true for ANY of us.

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