• Grace Rivers

Disney Magic

Disney Magic

Disney is renowned for it’s magic, creating thousands special moments with amazing one-of-a-kind experiences, unparalleled customer service, incredible shows, meeting new people and more. I live in Orlando and go there regularly. I’ve experienced all of these blessings many times; but I think what happened on this day was probably the best experience ever.

My spouse and I went there after work one day. Having a terrible day at work, I was very sad, almost about to cry. We went onward to the park hoping for the best. Once there, we made our way over to Tomorrowland. My spouse had to run to the restroom and I sat on a cement wall waiting for her to return, across from the restaurant, the Lunching Pad, and trying not to cry. It was the normal Disney-crazy – high-energy, noisy, people everywhere, music playing, kids yelling, the obstacle course of strollers, tour groups, cheerleading squads who think you want to hear them cheering.

I sit for a few seconds with my eyes closed. I open my eyes, looking down at the pavement in front of me. I raise my eyes slowly upward. As I do, I see a little girl, a toddler, a small black child in a airy light pink dress. She is so young she can barely walk and is about as tall as my kneecap. She staggers toward me with her arms open, smiling, her eyes innocent and effervescent. Of course, my natural tendency is to open my arms in response. She is so small, that I have to lean way down to reach her. We embrace.

After a moment, we release each other. Her mom follows quickly behind her and says, “I’m sorry.” I say, “That’s ok. Your daughter is beautiful.” She smiles and they head away and I know. I know that I have been hugged by God today and I feel better, hopeful, comforted, faith-renewed. I think about that day often and hope I’m helping others in a similar way on occasion. Who needs your hug today?