• Grace Rivers

Donald, what we taught you was wrong

Donald, almost everything we taught you was wrong and almost everything you do and think is wrong. If you are going to take the role of a leader, then you must lead. Leaders take responsibility. Even though you didn't start racism, you didn't event poverty, you didn't begin capitalism and you didn't create the coronavirus, you are responsible for all these situations in the United States, once you became the President. When you took your oath, you said you would be the leader. You also said you would be the leader of all people in the United States.

The leader of the United States should:

  • Not violate the rights of American citizens while peacefully protesting,

  • Be focused on resolving the complaints of those citizens,

  • Foster peace, compassion and overall well-being for the US and the world,

  • Should show respect to everyone - reporters, protesters, government leaders,

  • Should always speak the truth and

  • Not house families in cages.

You should lead your people or you should resign. We love you son, but we did not provide you with the love and respect you deserved as a human being and a sweet innocent child with so much potential. We are in a different place now and see the world differently. We love you and want to help you make a difference, a good difference in the world. This is the only way you will live out your true potential and find your own inner well-being. Please trust us on this, even though we didn't give you reason to trust us when we raised you. Let us help you now.

With great love

Mom and Dad