• Grace Rivers

I Can’t Breathe

Dear beloved Son,

You are not handling this issue well. You are acting like a dictator instead of President of the United States. You are also using religion as a manipulative tool, rather than a means to peace.

There is no way that what happened to George Floyd is not murder. Three police officers held a man down by putting their bodies on him, while a fourth one watched. They didn’t just subdue him. One of them put his knee on George’s neck. They did this until he died, even while he was pleading for his life and while others were hollering that he can’t breathe and even that he had stopped breathing. They did this for close to 9 minutes. They had 9 minutes to decide whether to kill him or not. There is no excuse for such behavior. It was cold-blooded murder in the first degree for all of them. It was obvious that there was no concern on their part for their safety or that of others, when Derek Chauvin didn’t even take his hand out of his pocket during most of this time. He was that confident about his control over the victim.

You must speak out and demand that all four of the murderers are arrested and charged with murder. There is more that you must do, but this is your first step. Call the people who are responsible for putting the murderers in jail and demand that they do so. Go on TV today and tell the American citizenry that you are demanding that the murderers be put in jail, charged with murder and that you will report to us daily about it until it is done. Quit focusing on the looting and rioting, which I don’t think will stop until you do this. When you speak to the American people, only talk about this, until it is done. Then you can move on to other things. I know we taught you to be this way and again I’m sorry. But I’m coming from a different place now. I have wisdom.

Please hear me and let me help you.