• Grace Rivers

I'm Sorry

My Dearest Son,

Donald, I’ve come back to earth to help you. You are struggling in this life and it is our fault. However, unfortunately it is your responsibility to fix it because only you can do that. The first thing I want to do is apologize for the things we did to raise you to become what you are today. We did not love you like we should have. We ourselves, did not understand what love is and did not provide it appropriately. So the first thing I would say is that you need to love yourself. If you can’t love what you’ve become, then love the innocent boy that you once were. You may not be able to remember that boy, but he is in you.

I also know that you’ve spent your life trying to be “something” as defined by us and society and as a result you’ve become “nothing” when compared to what you might be. You are the President in name, but not in actuality. A president must lead and you are not leading. All of that is ok. We know you’ve done your best as we taught you. However, you can be so much more. You were meant to be so much more. Your lack of leadership is resulting in the deaths of thousands of people. So you must change. You must do something different.

The first step is that you must learn to love yourself. Truly loving yourself is different than narcissism, which is what you exhibit now. You should probably step down from the Presidency today, so you can focus on yourself. You should go to rehab and get off drugs to protect your body, which you are currently destroying. Next you should get therapy. Therapy is not for “sissies” or “weak people”. Therapy is a courageous step of faith in yourself and the benevolence of a Higher Power. You need therapy to help undo what we and our culture did to you, to help find out who you really are, what your power and purpose is.

If you emotionally can’t step down from the office yet, then if you do nothing else today, stop lying. This is probably the number one thing you are doing that is killing people. Every moment you spend lying keeps someone from doing something good to help and creates confusion. The second thing you should do is partner with someone who is better prepared to be a leader, right now. Someone who received a better raising than we gave you. Again, I truly apologize for that. I suggest Andrew Cuomo. I know you and he clash heads, but he understands and is effectively handling New York, which is almost as complex as the US. Also form a group of leaders from the countries who have the best statistics with mitigating the coronavirus. Move forward working together on a global basis.

If you take these two actions, you could go down in history as one of the most courageous presidents to have been in office. The world will remember that you had the courage to change your patterns and to accept help, were smart enough to know you need help and that you cared enough about yourself and the world to get that help. It will actually be the first time in your life, that you actually are a leader. Everyday we all make choices. Make the choice today, this exact moment, to really be a leader. You can do this Donald. I know you can. I have faith in my son. I remember who you were before we damaged you. You were kind and sweet and well-intended. Start from that place.


Your Mom