Republican Congress Members are Traitors

Let's be clear on this situation. The reason our democracy is not working and is at risk of collapse is because the checks and balances between the executive, judicial and legislative branches are not being maintained. This is because the Republican congress members are cowards and traitors.

When our founding fathers designed our constitution, it was done with an assumption that people, U.S. Americans, would be good and brave, overall. You might have a "bad apple" who manages to become president, but that the bulk of U.S. Americans would do the right thing. So that congress would remove a president who is not an appropriate leader for our country.

From what is shown on TV, it appears that Trump:

- Is responsible for more than 170,000 deaths

- Has colluded with Russia and other countries

- Facilitated the violation of civil rights of law-abiding protesters on multiple fronts including physical harm.

- Is facilitating voter suppression through destruction of post-office operations and other measures.

- Has focused solely on financial gain, re-election and power-grabbing rather than taking care of Americans.

- Is not mentally capable of being the President.

- Hates most people and only sees how he can use them to his advantage.

Any Republican congress member who voted to retain Trump in office, rather than impeach him, is also a traitor. Trump is basically a "Hitler" who is prevented from carrying out his "final plan" at this time, only because the vestiges of our democracy are still in place. I ask the Republican congress members - Is this the legacy you want for yourself and your party? Is this want you want to remember on your death bed?

Right now, you are cowards and traitors. Now is the time to change this, not later. Regardless of the upcoming election, you should do everything you can to stop everything Trump is doing that is illegal, immoral and damaging to the American democracy and American citizens. You will not be able to go back and "rationalize" your behavior. It is your responsibility to protect us and you are not doing so. We will remember that you did nothing.