The LGBT Soul Circle

For LGBTQI or LGBTQI-friendly people

​The LGBT Soul Circle is a global group that meets by conference call on Monday nights at 7:00. The meetings last about 1.5 hours, although that does vary from week to week. It is a LGBT-friendly community that helps spiritual seekers develop their spirituality and realize their life purpose(s).  

All participants agree to adhere to the following participation rules when attending a Soul Circle session.

  • Once I sign up for a weekly session I will attend unless I have an issue. If I cannot attend, I will e-mail and let them know.

  • I will help create a sacred space by listening with respect and honoring the ideas, opinions and life journeys of all participants.

  • I will also share authentically and I know that I can choose what I share. 

  • I also understand that no one from LGBTSC provides medical treatment/diagnosis/etc. or is acting in the capacity as a healthcare provider and that any changes I make related to my health should be discussed with my doctors prior to making the change. 

  • I commit to praying daily, for 7 days, for each member in the LGBTSC session that I am attending. ​

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